Experience God In Togo

Our ministry in Togo West Africa carries the story of our beginnings with founder David Whetstone and God’s work through him and one of the earliest mission trips to bring clean water to the village of Gbentchal. Take part in a flourishing ministry of God’s Kingdom in sub-saharan Africa. 

Mentor Leaders is always excited to see you fulfill your calling during one of our mission trips. 

We strive to schedule these trips far enough in advance so that you can make adjustments to your personal calendar.  Sometimes, beyond our control, due to airlines, foreign governments, and COVID, we have to reschedule or cancel trips.  We will make every possible effort to find a spot for you on another trip within 12 months and to apply any unused donations to your trip account. 

All donations made to Mentor Leaders are non-refundable due to IRS regulations.

Trips to Togo have been paused for now. We hope to continue to our trips as soon as we can. We will continue to support the school and the community of Gbentcha during this time

This is our most challenging mission trip as travelers will be expected to stay outdoors in tents. “Roughing it” is a popular phrase that comes to mind. This trip is often an adventure and not for the frail or faint of heart! Come join the good news adventure!

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