What it would be like to take the hand of a child in need.
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The road lies ahead.
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Mentor Leaders is engaged in global and community partnering relationships to bring aid, restoration, and sustainability to both the physical and spiritual needs of the people we serve.

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Mentor Leaders is a non-profit organization building communities through aid, restoration, and sustainability. We do this through the loving hands of volunteers just like you. At each mission site, children receive a quality education, access to clean water, nourishment, and basic medical assistance – all providing an empowering opportunity for each child to successfully use what they have gained to create a sustainable life among their own people.

With each of our causes, we carry the responsibility for both the Spiritual and Physical/Social side of development. You’ll see this theme not only in how we express ourselves through the content we deliver, but through our work, our projects and our mission trips. 

What We Do

Our Mission

The mandate of our organization is to set the captives free!


Aid begins when we first see a person or community in need, and when the need is most evident. Good nutrition, clean water, and basic health care all accompany our goal of sharing the message of Christ with those who’ve never before heard the good news. This is AID. This is where our ministry begins. 


Restoring a community to a vibrant social and spiritual life involves moving beyond an effort to meet basic physical needs, and into encouraging positive spiritual and social health. This effort to meet education and spiritual development needs is a move to end the cycle of poverty and dependence. 


The end goal of Mentor Leaders is to move each community we work with to full spiritual and economic stability and sustainability. Together, we provide partnership  to these communities encouraging them to build a more sustainable life for themselves! You are our partners in this important work! 

Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Luke 18:16

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With Mentor Leaders, you have the opportunity to touch the lives of children overseas in a unique way. Sponsoring a child ensures children receive a quality Christian education, have access to clean water, nourishment and medical care – all providing an equal opportunity for a successful future. Through sponsorship, you have the ability to provide the empowerment to maintain a job, maintain a family, and maintain a community.

Mission Travel Opportunities

Come walk with us as we bring aid, restoration, and sustainability to the beautiful people of Togo, Haiti, and El Salvador.


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El Salvador

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