Walk With us

in El Salvador

El Salvador

July 13-20, 2024

Join us in making a difference in El Salvador!

Trip Details

During this mission trip to El Monzon, El Salvador, we will primarily focus on Community Outreach, aiming to provide essential local aid, engage in evangelism, foster worship, and offer ministerial support to the children in our school.


Throughout the week, our volunteers will engage in various activities aimed at enriching the lives of the local community

Community Outreach

During the mission trip, our Community Outreach efforts will include engaging with the local community through educational workshops, health awareness programs, and collaborative projects aimed at fostering sustainable development. Through these activities, we aim to empower and strengthen the community, enabling them to lead a self-sufficient and fulfilling life.

Breakout Sessions

Our breakout sessions will offer a diverse range of activities including music, drama, sports, and visual arts. These sessions will provide a platform for creative expression and skill development.

Trip Cost

The approximate cost of this trip: $2,000

July 13-20, 2024 Deadlines
March 1st – Application Due
March 14th – Trip Registration and non-refundable fee of $300 
April 2nd – First Installment of $700 and Passport Photos due
May 2nd – Second Installment of $500 
June 1st – Final Installment of $500

Important Note

We make every effort to ensure the success of our trips. However, sometimes factors beyond our control, such as airlines, foreign regulations, and unforeseen circumstances like COVID-19, might lead to trip rescheduling or cancellation. In such cases, we will do our best to accommodate you on another trip within 12 months and apply any unused donations to your trip account.
Kindly note that all donations made to Mentor Leaders are non-refundable due to IRS regulations.

Thank you for considering this incredible opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.
We look forward to seeing you fulfill your calling and contribute to the sustainable development of El Monzon, El Salvador.

Please consider sponsoring a child!

As people with a heart for the world, it can be difficult to feel that a short term mission trip makes a long-term impact. Please believe us when we tell you that it does make a huge difference! It just takes YEARS to see the results. Often, our short term travelers don’t have the blessing of seeing the long-term results of their work. With that in mind, perhaps you would like a way to be more directly involved in seeing long term change. If so, please consider sponsoring a child. This is a great way to take part every month in the transformation of a child’s life. We’ll do our best to make sure you stay connected to your sponsored child throughout the year! Make a difference. Go ahead, click the button!

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